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Sugars and particularly carbohydrates are a major cause of tooth decay. It is important to limit the number of times any item of food or drink makes contact with your teeth. Thus all foods should be consumed during meal times only and avoid snacks between meals. How often you have sugary food and drinks are more important than how much sugar you have in your food and drinks. look closely at your diet if you start presenting with tooth decay and erosion

Other ways you may help prevent dental caries with your diet are:

  • Rinse your mouth with water after having sugary food or drink
  • Have a small amount of cheese after sugary food or drink. This will help to neutralize the acid produced by oral bacteria.
  • Using sugarless chewing gum may help protect your teeth by stimulating extra saliva. Saliva is very important in protecting your teeth from decay.
  • Do not put any sugar or other sweeteners in babies’ bottles.
  • Excess caffeine lead to dry mouth

Modern lifestyles present a number of challenges for your body including your teeth. Dental erosion is the irreversible loss of tooth tissue due to exposure to acid. Sources of acid exposure can be intrinsic (from within your body) or extrinsic (from outside your body).

People at risk from intrinsic acid exposure include those who experience gastric reflux or recurrent vomiting.
Extrinsic acid can be found in some of our most popular everyday drinks and foods. These include:

  • Drinks such as fruit juice, wine, carbonated drinks, sports drinks
  • Foods such as citrus fruit
  • Chewable vitamin C tablets

Prolonged exposure of the teeth to an acidic environment can dissolve or eat away the enamel surface of the teeth. This can occur when acidic drinks are sipped over a prolonged period of time, rather than consumed with a meal. When strong acid is frequently present, faster tooth wear occurs.

Tooth surface loss due to acidic foods and drinks is also a major concern today.

Health Diet Health Teeth

Health Diet Health Teeth

At Putney Dental Surgery we can assess these problems and give you advice on controlling dental erosion and tooth decay with some dietary and lifestyle changes. Please talk to us if you feel you suffer from gastric reflux or dry mouth

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