Don’t hit the field without a Mouthguard this Footy Season,

Don’t hit the field without a Mouthguard this footy season, advises Dr Sushma Patel at Putney Dental Surgery

Every year, players are treated for dental trauma that could have been prevented by wearing a  basic piece of safety gear -mouthguard

Dental trauma includes damage to the gums, lips and teeth as well as tooth fractures, jaw fractures and loss of teeth.

Significant trauma to permanent (adult) teeth is also common with falls from skateboards, roller-blades, trampolines and scooters.
Australian research shows that sports injuries account for approximately one-third of traumatic injuries to teeth. These injuries can lead to potentially extensive and costly dental treatment.

A mouthguard, professionally made by your dentist helps to reduce dental injuries to your teeth, gums and mouth. These mouthguards have the most comfortable secure fit therefore allowing the athlete to breathe and speak easily. They act by absorbing some of the energy from the direct blow at the site and dissipating the remaining energy by cushioning and redistributing the force of the impact. This also reduces the incidence of fractures to the jaws.

Dr Sushma Patel recommends custom-fitted mouthguard over the ‘boil and bite’ variety as these provide the most effective protection. Most private dentists are able to provide custom-fitted protection. A brief dental appointment, is required to take a mouth mould and fitting  within a few days. The custom appliance will

  • Fit snugly but still be comfortable.
  • Be odourless and tasteless
  • Allow the wearer to speak without much discomfort
  • Allow normal breathing and swallowing
  • Be at least 4mm thick to provide protection against impact.

More information about how to prevent dental trauma is available at Putney Dental Surgery 

Get your mouthguard checked by a dentist:

  • Before each season of play

It is easier and cheaper to replace a mouthguard than replace a lost tooth.