Brush up your knowledge


With so many different styles, shapes, and size of toothbrushes available these days, it comes as no surprise that some brush types are considered better than others.

Ideally, your own toothbrush should feel comfortable to hold and use, and should adequately and easily reach all of your teeth.

However, you can’t “try before you buy.”

When it comes to toothbrushes, so it pays to have an idea of the basic features deemed the most effective.

Dr. Patel suggests, you should look for a tooth brush with the following:

Soft and flexible bristles. Harder bristles do not clean your teeth more effectively on the contrary, they are more likely to damage and irritate your gams, and/ or wear away the tooth enamel. It’s the frequency of brushing rather than the hardness of the bristles that’s most important.

A compact brush head. Small, narrow heads make it easier to reach all your teeth, while those with smooth, rounded corners will help avoid gum damage. The smaller your mouth, the more likely a larger brush head will cause discomfort when reaching for your back teeth (particularly on the cheek side).

A comfortable, easily manipulated handle. Keep in mind that too many angles may affect your control of the brush, while non-slip features like indentations or rubber grips may make it easier to hold.

Selecting the right tooth brush

Dr Patel, recommends using a tooth brush with

a long comfortable handle for easy grip

bristles that are soft with rounded or polished ends to avoid injury to the delicate gum tissues.

a shaped head to enable easier reaching of difficult-to-reach teeth.

Maintain strong healthy teeth and gums with:

a regular dental routine

correct choice, use and maintenance of dental products

proper brushing and flossing techniques

tongue cleaning

an appropriate diet

regular 6monthly  visits to the dentist are essential to building and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

regular checkup for children should start at 2yrs of age

Remember to Recycle your toothbrushes and oral care waste Drop them to our practice for collection. We are supporting Gladesville Public school to win a Recycled Playground