Dental Care for Children with CDBS

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

As a parent, making sure your child is as healthy as possible is understandably one of your highest priorities.

At Putney Dental Surgery we strongly believe that good habits start early. We encourage good oral hygiene… Continue reading

DIO Implant – Newest Digital Dental Implant

Dental Implant Model

The first titanium dental implant was placed back in 1965, and since then digital implant technology has come along in leaps and bounds. The latest invention in Dentistry is the Computerized Surgical Guide Dental Implant. Putney Dental… Continue reading

You can have your sweet-tooth and keep it!

Merry Christmas Putney Dental Surgery Open except for Public Holidays Read our tips on surviving those sugary treats

As we approach Christmas and the festive season, it’s okay to enjoy some sugary treats and help protect your teeth. Read on… Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Please take a few moments this October- breast cancer awareness month to schedule your mammograms and regular dental checkups.

It is estimated that breast cancer will affect one in eight women and one in 651 men in the Australia. Chances… Continue reading

Dental Health Week 2019

  • Oral health is fundamental to good health.
  • Good oral health saves health care costs for individuals and the nation.
  • Oral health can be improved. Eat less sugar, brush your teeth and visit your dentist regularly.

Did you Know

Brush up your knowledge


With so many different styles, shapes, and size of toothbrushes available these days, it comes as no surprise that some brush types are considered better than others.

Ideally, your own toothbrush should feel comfortable to hold and use, and… Continue reading

Invisalign Go: Free Assessment

Invisalign Go: A Better Way to Quick Straight Teeth with Dr Patel a certified Invisalign Go provider

Invisalign the invisible aligners for Straight Teeth

What is Invisalign Go?

Brought to you from the same company that invented the original… Continue reading

World Oral Health Day 20 March 2019

Oral diseases, such as tooth decay and gum disease, are widespread and preventable. Through proper self-care, regular dental check-ups and managing risk factors, good oral health and general health can be secured.

Do you practice good oral care? See how… Continue reading

Worn down teeth? Regain your Smile

Outcome of Patients treated at Putney Dental Surgery for worn teeth by using resin filling material

An extremely common problem in our society today is excessive wear that occurs above and beyond expected age related wear. More than half of… Continue reading

Show your teeth some love this Valentine’s Day